The alienation from nature

The alienation from nature, the myths and the fairy tales that already shaped us in childhood have turned us into the people who increasingly fear the natural habitat, the fields, the forests, the meadows, nature as a whole. This paradox must make us ask more than ever before at what point man has lost his naturalness, away from capitalist and industrial desires, and what deficits result, for example, as diseases of civilisation.

Furthermore, this dichotomy is evident in the way we treat our environment and the exploitation of natural resources on our home planet. The lack of awareness of environmental protection is also fostered by our progressive alienation from nature and makes our lack of understanding of the complex interactions in the climate crisis seem perverse. Often out of ignorance or indifference, because nature seems ever more alien and unapproachable to us?

Primal fears are part of human nature and shape us, often hidden, sometimes hardly recognisable and sometimes life-threatening. Fears are already stirred up in childhood and sometimes remain present for a lifetime. Many of these fears can be put into perspective on closer and more sober reflection and lose their horror when we face them.

Time heals all wounds, including those inflicted on people by history. To face fears, to fathom them and name them, to expose oneself to dangers in order to relativise existing fears, that is what needs to be regained. We should learn to appreciate transience in order to question our own excessive existential anxiety, since transience is a constant part of human nature. The more we spend time in the natural realm, perceive and observe it with all our senses, the less material values and increasing media consumption play a role.

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