Ambient – Slowhouse

As a child of electronic music culture, and later as a DJ and producer, music is an essential part of my creative work. In addition to club-ready music, I have been fascinated since my youth by ambient pioneers such as Vangelis or Jean-Michel Jarre. I first realised my passion for ambient in my musical work through personal circumstances.

Music that offers a counterweight to media overstimulation through its lightness, reduction and decelerating effect. Especially the sub-genre: Ambient Drone has a meditative effect without seeming spiritual. Music that invites you to dream.

Ambient is a variant of electronic music in which spherical, soft, drawn-out and warm sounds dominate. Rhythm and percussion are in the background of ambient music or are not present at all; they appear as subtle percussion textures, as arpeggios or in rhythmically introduced melody and bass progressions. Spatial effects, soundscapes and field recordings are also frequently experimented with, and electronic organs (keyboards) and wind instruments are often used. Natural soundscapes, speech and singing also have their place. The pieces of music are usually very slow and long, often build up leisurely and merge into each other, rarely following a classical song structure.


I would like to share this passion for ambient with you. Music that empties me of calm and serenity and provides me with the tools to express my inner world and imagination.

I will soon present and release my first ambient/slowhouse album here.