abandonment and oblivion

My blog

In my blog I would like to present abandoned and forgotten places that I have researched, found and photographed. Places steeped in history, some of which have existed for 100 years and have developed into eerily peaceful places due to the surrounding vegetation.

During my expeditions in the forests of Brandenburg, in search of unusual picture motifs, the historical background of these special places is hardly known, even by locals. The secrecy surrounding military objects, especially research facilities, which have existed since imperial times, since the time of the Nazi regime and the period of Soviet occupation, continues to have an effect in the collective perception right up to our present day.

It is also astonishing that despite the extensive documentation of German history, much still lies hidden. Gaps and blackened areas that fascinate historians and those interested in history. Such places are still fascinating today, as they bear witness to the planning and meticulous execution of the genocide.

My photographic focus is on the polarity of light and darkness, good and evil. Places with a dark past and progressive encroachment of the surrounding vegetation, immersing it in a supposedly peaceful atmosphere, are my elemental/core motifs of choice. A science fiction setting that shows us how man-made structures are reclaimed by the surrounding nature, sometimes in a bizarre way. Such places are an example of what happens when man retreats and the course of nature covers up the legacies of our civilisation.